Opening address:
Rear Admiral Nils Christian Wang. Commanding Officer, Danish Defense College.
US DoD Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative Update with Focus on the X API,
Dr Kristy Murray & Jonathan Poltrack.
Innovative learning in an open world.
Stefan Hrastinski, Associate Professor at the Department of media technology and interaction design, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm


The experience of mobile learning programs,
Steve Barden, Line Communication.
MASLO: An Open Source Mobile Learning Development Platform,
Dr Rovy Branon, University of Wisconsin.
IPads and Their Influence on Student Learning at the Royal Danish Defence College.
Peter Sjøstedt, Royal Danish Defense College.
Technical Challenges of the Mobile Learning Environment(MoLE) Project.
Ben Smith, Tribal Group
Standing on the shoulders of open source: From \"death by PowerPoint\" to ADL mobile apps in the Norwegian Armed Forces.
Arild Bergh, Norwegian Defense Research Establishment.
Mobile Learning for British Army Military Annual Training Tests (MATTs)
Brian O`Malley & Major Tony Charles (UK)


Real Experience Training – advances in training for the CBRN threat.
John Saunders, Argon Electronics, UK


Pedagogical use of an online learning platform.
Ellen Lien, Its Learning.
Education of Medical Personnel and the General Population through Internet Portals.
Dr Jørgen Bergsland, Oslo University Hospital.
GoTime: Rethink training and education through instant publishing.
Bjørn Frommen, Frisvold Private School
NanoLearning - We do not take our vitamins once a year can the same apply to learning.
Gunnar Østgaard, Amendor AS
PDF – Scalable template based solutions,
Henrik Skafte, Royal Danish Defense College.
Experiences implementing and developing distant learning activities in the Royal Danish Air Force Academy.
Michael Frost, Royal Danish Air Force Academy.
Innovative use of MOODLE in Finnish Defence Forces.
First Lieutenant Olli Parkkinen, Finnish Defense Forces.
Three Moodle templates for National Defense University, Finland -pedagogical perspectives.
Dr E. Soili Paananen, Finnish National Defense University.
Serious games for training soldiers serving part-time
Peter Hammar, FOI, Sweden
The virtual classroom. Perspectives on synchronic distance learning and setting the conditions for a successful process.
Martin Birch Hansen, Royal Danish Military Academy


Gamability In Practice: A Proven Method To Evaluate Digital Games and Applications.
Dr Paul Pivec.
Serious Games , A powerful tool. Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, Denmark


3D virtual worlds for professional and military training: two projects.
Dr Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland

Abstract Summary

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